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  • Jak portety malowane były....

  • Czas na portret

    Jeśli chcesz obdarować Osobę Bliską, Przyjaciela ,Osobę na, której bardzo Ci zależy i zastanawiasz się, jaki prezent wybrać ... Często trudno jest znaleźć coś oryginalnego, coś co zapadło by w pamięci osoby obdarowanej, jako fantastyczny moment i jego późniejsza kontynuacja ...czyż nie tak?


    A moment in an ongoing day..

    We do not notice the beauty of nature that surrounds us ,,, Flowers are beautiful and they are with us from start to finish ...but in flowers is another enchanted world that lives its own life ,, Notice that elemental connection here is very clear ,,, fish in the aquarium is same flower whether the flower is fish.

    Yesterday, I was at the SoHo in Apple store and I saw a beautiful golden fish that exists only in the world of technology ... Have such beautiful colors and they move so beautifully and even water as you touch it with your finger creates these small circular waves...

  • New Moon People ENG

    For what you used your time today? 

    It is really the most important time ... It's not about race with it but about the realization that matters on earth here -- we have exactly the calculated time to stay here ....... By not using the time for POSITIVE action and it is even worse for NEGATIVE ACTION causing loss of time -- YOUR TIME 2887899990000987777777779999898989098098098098098098098089 d power 77nano ninon seconds, it will take your life and not a single ninon more .. LONGER !!!!! NOT ... Therefore.. our life and time here should be used consciously and with respect !!!!! 

    Should be consciously Respected, Beautiful and Divine ... For what you used your time today? And what would you use it 'hahaha' for first questionnaire in study of society...

  • Family Album

    Family album tells a story about our immaturity, sadness, pain, inability to understand, bad upbringing, religion, ancestry, heritage, origin. It tells a story about a contemporary man. The use of colors in the pictures is diverse, the only moment that lasts; colors are here like a time machine. Do you like travelling in time? Imperfections and impurities on the pictures are the effect of the flow of nanoseconds, which remained on the black and white photographic film. It paused the images of actors taking parts in the FA mystery - the sign of bad taste towards life approach and another human being.

  • New Moon People

    ...tak naprawdę  najważniejszy jest czas... nie chodzi o wyścig z nim ale  o  zdanie sobie sprawy że tu na ziemi  teraz mamy  dokładnie wyliczony czasu na pobyt tutaj....... nie wykorzystując  czasu  dla pozytywnych działań a w jeszcze gorsze jest działnie NEGATYWNE powodujace  utrate  czasu TWOJEGO  CZASU 2887899990000987777777779999898989098098098098098098098089 d potęgi 77nano ninonano sekund będzie trwało TWOJE ZYCIE i ani  jednej  ninonano więcej  ..DLUŻEJ  !!!!!  NIE ...więc..nasze życie nasze działania nasz  CZAS TUtaj powinien być  świadomie i z szacunkiem wykorzystany !!!!! powinien być świadomie  Uszanowany Wywyższony Piękny

  • Drei Platze

    When I was driving to Prague through misty hills, I passed by a Polish town, then a Czech town, then a Polish one, then a German town, no that one was earlier. God merciful, how long is it going to last? Will the tower of Babel still exist? Why did you punish us - human beings and your ministers? There were countless amounts of flowers, as it was spring. Everything was coming alive and was beautiful.

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