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For what you used your time today? 

It is really the most important time ... It's not about race with it but about the realization that matters on earth here -- we have exactly the calculated time to stay here ....... By not using the time for POSITIVE action and it is even worse for NEGATIVE ACTION causing loss of time -- YOUR TIME 2887899990000987777777779999898989098098098098098098098089 d power 77nano ninon seconds, it will take your life and not a single ninon more .. LONGER !!!!! NOT ... Therefore.. our life and time here should be used consciously and with respect !!!!! 

Should be consciously Respected, Beautiful and Divine ... For what you used your time today? And what would you use it 'hahaha' for first questionnaire in study of society... 
How did you use your time today? And what you wanted to use it for? work .... work ... is this is what bring you happiness ... This is the happiness of BEING HERE for your work - tour guide and you are not happy, and what would you do if you're a director ... hmmm... So become a tour guide - I can't - why? Because the tour guide earns 17 times less per year than I do .. Director and what does it mean to earn; asked LITTLE PRINCE? ... Do not pretend to be idiot.. Do not pretend to do not know what it means to make money ... I do not I do not know .. On our planet do not have that --what we need ... And what do you need ??? asked the director ... MK said you do not know? No, I do not know, how should I know  since I was not on your planet to experience the most important thing: love, honesty, kindness, warmth, need to give and take not necessarily do unless someone is stubborn ...  And everyone is doing their work as if they were the most beautiful eight hours from that time... MK went on, and told the Director about this and that, about the tours and veganism and the lack of army .. Because what is the military ??? Police and what they are -- a very popular self-help group -- oh yes, so they are just as, do you have gold? - Asked the director ... it certainly is needed for the production of electronics, we have so so and who has the most? ???? I do not understand and I was surprised, said MK .. the richest in the list of Forbes ... no we do not have anything like this,  but we only use and thus everyone has what they need ... And what about older person? They help families, play with children :) No No No, said the director and nodding nodding, said Yes - Elders have their wisdom associated with the experience.

We built houses for them, the so-called nursing homes - continued the director, there they calmly pass into another dimension. And we wonder that for humanitarian reasons transition can be accelerated upon request .. After graduating from the age of 70 they  get set for euthanasia to move faster .... Um, said the little prince, here with us it is not passed, can not accelerate the transition, after all, we do not know if everything has been already accomplished in our lives, yet we do not know beyond that it's sad, after all, the most important is love ... 

That's what you say about your planet is a utopia! - Said the director .... Utopia? He asked MK. no ! not :) this is not the planet - said smiling MK - I know all there Utopias are on vacation and do only nice things for them .. they are very unhappy, because they have no LOVE.

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