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A moment in an ongoing day..

We do not notice the beauty of nature that surrounds us ,,, Flowers are beautiful and they are with us from start to finish ...
but in flowers is another enchanted world that lives its own life ,, Notice that elemental connection here is very clear ,,, fish in the aquarium is same flower whether the flower is fish.

Yesterday, I was at the SoHo in Apple store and I saw a beautiful golden fish that exists only in the world of technology ... Have such beautiful colors and they move so beautifully and even water as you touch it with your finger creates these small circular waves...
beautiful and great technology,,
but I stared a different point of view on wildflowers that grow themselves no one cares for only B.G.
and I saw them space and wept over every broken leaves of the trees over every blade of grass..
a spiritual ....
how beautiful the world would be without our human intervention ...
You know everything is very dangerous in these our present days, but I think what we're doing with nature is the end of our civilization and beginning, 
and Hawking think so too and it surely is a very bright man..
Therefore, when you look at the flowers look in their beauty and symbiotic whole similarity and the magic of nanotechnology
and enjoy what we got on so well so simply out of charity..

Beauty has always been the first importance subject in my paintings, the marvelous, natural, diverse subject of flowers appears repeatedly in my personal expression. These painted flowers, however, often serve more purpose than a decorative exhibit. Flowers can be exceptionally symbolic of various concepts and attribute different meanings to each painting depending on a variety of influences. There’s more to a flower, it seems, than just its color!
I often choose flowers as a subject to represent the peace, beauty and simplicity of the natural world. My flowery expression at times symbolize fertility, death, loss, innocence, childhood, love, luck, prosperity, lust, happiness, sorrow and life itself.

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