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Family Album

Family album tells a story about our immaturity, sadness, pain, inability to understand, bad upbringing, religion, ancestry, heritage, origin. It tells a story about a contemporary man. The use of colors in the pictures is diverse, the only moment that lasts; colors are here like a time machine. Do you like travelling in time? Imperfections and impurities on the pictures are the effect of the flow of nanoseconds, which remained on the black and white photographic film. It paused the images of actors taking parts in the FA mystery - the sign of bad taste towards life approach and another human being. Shall we  transform the  Transformation of 1989? Really ??? Would you dare to even say? Is it your story, Magdalene? Or maybe yours, Pietro? Or perhaps a story of us all ... our evil-bred, but not ill-mannered .... but evil .. ..because it grew from evil??? It is only when people appreciated you as a strong leader, and you grew the courage to shout it out. ... so communicate with the images, please, oh and do not forget the colors of black and white photos ... they are different. these situations were written; warm browns fragile roses, delicate bites, white glow thrown straight from the tube of white titanium takes us into the gray and silvery of the past ... I want to give you a clue how to find the desire you are longing for ... because, after all, that is what it is all about. Because in the end, we are all just searching for happiness.--- Right? So please, just communicate with the pictures, that is all.

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